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1Q) What is Crash Data?
1A) Crash Data occurs when a vehicle has been involved in a collision and part of the airbag system has been deployed.

2Q) Can crash data be cleared with a diagnostic machine?
2A)  Not that i'm aware of, we use a special programmer and software to clear the ECU on the bench.

3Q) Do you only need my air bag ECU?
3A) Yes, like stated in 2A we do the reset direct to the airbag ecu on the bench. 

3Q) Will an airbag ecu reset turn my airbag light off?
3A) Not nessesarally. If your vehicle has a fault in the Air bag system the airbag light will come back on.
        (we recomend the air bag system be checked before and any faults fixed before the reset.) 

4Q) Can I drop the airbag ecu off?
4A) Yes no problem at all but please ring first to make sure i'm not out installing.

5Q) How long does it take?
5A) Normally same day service, If busy might not get posted till following day. 

6Q) Do you offer a guarantee?
6A) Yes we offer a guarantee on removing the crash data from your ecu, (See Terms & Conditions )  if we can't remove the crash data a full refund will be given. (This does not include the cost of any posting charges)

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