Reset your airbag ecu from as little as £29.99

Please Note:
Due to recent Corona virus out breaks we will stay open as long as possible 
depending on the postal service. We will operate via the postal service only strictly no visiting.

April 3rd 2020

We have noticed the postal service seems to be a limited service at the minute, some ecu's are taking a week to arrive
so please bear this in mind when sending your ecu's to us because of this our normal same day service
has been put on hold until further notice.

Once unit has been reset will be posted back asap.


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Resetting your air bag ecu with Crash Data Reset is simple:           

1: Remove your airbag ecu and find your model/part number
     You need your airbag ecu part number to make sure we can provide you with the correct reset procedure, once you have
     this information you can search our website using the search bar above. 

     (if not listed please use our Airbag Form and give us as much info as possible)

2: Select and pay for your airbag reset.
     It's that simple, just select add to cart and go through our checkout, choose which delivery service you require.

3: Post your airbag ecu to the address HERE 
     A copy of this address will be sent to your email, we recommend sending the ecu in a padded envolope or small box
     with recorded delivery. Please include a copy of your receipt or order number.

Once received we will reset your airbag ecu and remove any crash data found then post back to you normally same day.





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