Hyundai 95910-52800 (5WK43070) Air Bag ECU Reset

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95910-52800 (5WK43070)
Hyundai 9591052800 (5WK43070) ECU
Hyundai 9591052800 (5WK43070) ECU

To help us give you a better service we recomend:

* having your vehicle connected to a diagnostic machine, all air bag related faults repaired before sending your ECU to us.

* If the diagnostic machine can't communicate with your airbag ECU please dont send us the unit yet, first have all the wiring circuits and fuses checked
   it could be that your ecu is faulty.  Have the system fully checked by a professional or email me with details.

* If you have sent your air bag ecu to some other company for clearing and it has not worked please email us first. We can only sort these sorts of problems 
  if we can get hold of the orignal data from the unit

* Please don't send us water damaged or corroaded air bag ecu's, most of the time they are only fit for the BIN.


Why choose us:

* We save your data before we send the unit back to you, (this provides us with a backup service should anything not be 100%)

* We compare your data to make sure the air bag reset has been applied correctly. (Success rate is higher any error would be spotted before returning to you)

* We fault find airbag systems daily for numorus local garages so understand how these complex systems work, we don't just sit behind a bench.

* Have been trading since 2004, been working with auto electrics for over 22 years.

What to do next:

After going through check out and selecting the return post that suits you, please print off your order email and attach it 
with the airbag into a jiffy bag and send recorded delivery.

Once received the airbag will be cleared and reposted normally same day but if really busy it will go out the following day.

Please Note:

It maybe nessary on the odd occasion to remove a fault code from the air bag ecu (with a diagnostic machine) after we have reset the ecu, other problems which can re-light the airbag light can occur if the ecu has been plugged in before the battery has been removed, so please always remove the battery and fastern airbag ecu to the vehicle first.

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*If in the unlikely event you are not happy with the service you have received and the crash data has not been removed 
  from your ecu then please let us know ASAP
,  where we cannot offer a solution to remove the crash data we will offer a full refund back to you not including any postage or packaging costs involved.

*To claim this refund, we need the airbag ECU to be returned to us so we can replace the software back to the original state in which it arrived to us, so any faults, errors or crash data will be put back onto your ecu.

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